9.snf-SimplePresent-Geniş Zaman Eylem
genis zaman

(çoğul özne)
you buy car.
Do you buy car.?
Yes, you buy car.
No, you do not buy car.

(tekil özne)
Seda buys car.
Does Seda buy car.?
Yes, Seda buys car.
No, Seda does not buy car.

Answer questions:
1}What do you buy ?
2}Who buy ?
3}What do you do?
4}What does Seda buy ?
5}Who buys ?
6}What does Seda do?.

I am Sam Sue, I am twenty-four years old, and I am from Spain. I live in a small house in Barcelona with my best friend, Lenn, and I am a receptionist. I work in a big hotel here and I wear a yellow and white uniform. I have a lory and I drive to the hotel every morning. I drink a lot of tea because I work long hours, but I like my job because I meet people from different countries.





My parents have a house in a town. I have two brothers. Their names are Jan and Wen. Jan is a student and Wen is a chef in a restaurant . My father works but my mother is retired now.



I do not do a lot of sport, but I sometimes play tavla with Lenn. I love music. My favourite kind of music is Spain opera and I listen to it in my car and on my iPod. I also play the guitar and the piano. On Thursdays I study English at a language school because I want to work in London. At weekends, I visit my family or I stay here and go to the cinema with my friends.