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Alan: _ Sözel _ Dil _ _ Meslek _ _ _ _

Senaryo: Öğrencilere.İçerik.Oluşturtma_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Yaş grb. : _ _ _ 15-18 _

~ Neler Öğreneceğiz ~
We will learn the new vocabulary of "making reservations and taking orders" module 1st unit "Making Reservations" part. We will learn the new words. We will also learn having reservation via
1) Telephone
2) Internet
3) Fax
4) Walk in
We will learn them via using so many different web tools.

~ Hayal Et ~
Teacher will present pleasant video or slide that arousing students' imagination on the subject about the new vocabulary. The new vocabulary presentation will contain unit subject matters but the lesson will not be on them. THe lesson will be on new vocabulary. New words will arouse students' imagination on the subject.
Tools to be used 
and a mix of them via a video editor like imovie or camtasia studio

~ Keşfet ~
We will do sample sharing using https://www.edmodo.com web tool and some quizes and lessons via https://moodle.org on reservation types.

~ Haritala ~
We will prepare a mindmaps using https://www.mindmup.com/ tool n reservation types (telephone reservation, intern....) we will use pictures and so more

~ İşbirliği Yap ~
We have planned a web meeting on the morning of 10th of March and (We are so lucky) I have a lesson with that classroom at this hour. Our project subject is "Pick a Hotel". However, the subject of the skype meeting is introducing themselves and their school we may also colloborate in our school with other vocational tourism schools in our project. We are so lucky:))

~ Yap ~
We will prepare a prezi on http://prezi.com about dialogs in the module or we may also prepare videos on http://turkish.wevideo.com or http://www.loopster.com with our previous studies (on dream activity, mapping and so on and the diolg studies on  

voki or ZOOBE

~ Sor ~
The sudents will take their bonus points via classdojo https://www.classdojo.com
and we may also apply for a google hangouts

~ Tekrar Yap ~
We will revise our work. We may do diaolg studies on "  http://storybird.com

~ Göster~
They can show their work to their relatives and gain motivation to lesson

~ Yansıt ~
We may use reflex or teamup tool.

~ Değerlendirme ~
Students will do their unit evaluation parts and all of this work will only take 2 weeks after the 2nd term 1st exam 

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